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Please click the “play” button below for an important audio message
from Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd.


Message of the Phone Call:

Good evening. This is EPS Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd, and I have great news for members of the EPS team. All full-time certified and support staff members will receive a $250 bonus in their February 20th paychecks.  Part-time employees and those who started mid-year will receive a prorated amount, based on their hours or days worked.  This gross amount, one-time stipend is part of last summer’s negotiated agreements with both EEA and ESPO, made possible because this year’s EPS mid-term state aid adjustment slightly exceeded last year’s mid-term allocation. Although our state’s financial outlook continues to be somewhat bleak, we are thrilled to be able to provide each full-time employee with this additional $250 bonus in February. Thank you for your dedication to our Enid Public School students. We appreciate you, and we appreciate your hard work.