Federal Programs

Vivian Bunch

Director of Federal Programs





Federal Programs

Federal funds help the district provide a variety of special services in core academic areas.  A few of the programs are:

Title I:  This is a poverty based funding program intended to supplement academic reading, math, and language programs for qualifying students.

Title II-D: This program provides prevention and intervention programs for children and youth who are neglected, delinquent, or at-risk.

Title III: Assists non-English and limited English proficient students to acquire an academic level of reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Title VII:  Provides resources to Native American Indians for tutoring.

Carl Perkins: The purpose of this program is to develop more fully, the academic, vocational, and technical skills of secondary students in grades 6 - 12.

For for information on any federal program contact Vivian Bunch - 580-366-7000.