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Kara Cranston Cranston, Kara
kecranston@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Seamus Crawford Crawford, Seamus
sccrawford@enidk12.orgLongfellow Middle School View Website
John Crockett Crockett, John
JLCROCKETT@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Barbara Cross
Cross, Barbara
bgcross@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School
Alvin Crosswhite Crosswhite, Alvin
5th Grade Teacher
adcrosswhite@enidk12.orgGlenwood Elementary School View Website
Glenda Crow, LPN Crow, LPN, Glenda
Hoover Assistant Nurse
gkcrow@enidk12.orgEnid Public School
Peter Crum Crum, Peter
pscrum@enidk12.orgEnid High School
Ann Culbertson
Culbertson, Ann
amculbertson@enidk12.orgHayes Elementary View Website
Cleo Culver Culver, Cleo
ceculver@enidk12.orgLincoln Academy View Website
Karrie Cummings Cummings, Karrie
Bus Driver
klcummings@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Lana Cunningham, RN, BSN Cunningham, RN, BSN, Lana
School Nurse
lkcunningham@enidk12.orgEnid Public School
Ashley Currier Currier, Ashley
ancurrier@enidk12.orgHoover Elementary School View Website
Andrea Curry
Curry, Andrea
alcurry@enidk12.orgEmerson Middle School View Website
Marsha Cusack Cusack, Marsha
Glenwood Elementary School
Kristina Cutts Cutts, Kristina
Food Preparation
kkcutts@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Bart Dalrymple Dalrymple, Bart
Custodial Supervisor
bldalrymple@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Patricia Dalrymple
Dalrymple, Patricia
PADALRYMPLE@enidk12.orgHayes Elementary
April Daniel Daniel, April
Teacher Assistant
ardaniel@enidk12.orgEisenhower Elementary View Website
Imani Daniels Daniels, Imani
Teacher's Assistant
indaniels@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School
Dudley Darrow Darrow, Dudley
dddarrow@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Patricia Darst Darst, Patricia
Food Preparation
padarst@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Kayla Davis
Davis, Kayla
ksdavis@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School View Website
Larin Davis Davis, Larin
ledavis@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Nicole Davis Davis, Nicole
nadavis@enidk12.orgAdams Elementary School View Website
Robert Day Day, Robert
RNDAY@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Debrah Decker
Decker, Debrah
dldecker@enidk12.orgCarver Early Childhood Center View Website
Carrie Declerck Declerck, Carrie
cldeclerck@enidk12.orgEnid High School
Carrie DeClerck DeClerck, Carrie
Teacher's Assistant
cldeclerck@enidk12.orgHayes Elementary
Mary DeGuzman DeGuzman, Mary
mldeguzman@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Linda Dell Dell, Linda
lsdell@enidk12.orgEisenhower Elementary View Website
Megan Derby Derby, Megan
Teacher Assistant
mdderby@enidk12.orgAdams Elementary School View Website
Maria DiazDeResendiz DiazDeResendiz, Maria
Food Preparation
mddiazderesendiz@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Kayla Dickson Dickson, Kayla
Athletic Trainer
kddickson@enidk12.orgEnid Athletics
Mary Dikes
Dikes, Mary
MADIKES@enidk12.orgHayes Elementary View Website
Jane DiLuzio
DiLuzio, Jane
Special Education Teacher
JEDILUZIO@enidk12.orgEmerson Middle School View Website
Amy Divis Divis, Amy
Bus Driver
aedivis@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Lonny Divis Divis, Lonny
lddivis@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Joan Dodds
Dodds, Joan
jmdodds@enidk12.orgCarver Early Childhood Center View Website
Angi Dods
Dods, Angi
awdods@enidk12.orgTaft Elementary School View Website
Michael Dods Dods, Michael
Campus Police
mbdods@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Ronnie Drage Drage, Ronnie
Teacher's Assistant
rkdrage@enidk12.orgWaller Middle School
Sondra Dragoun Dragoun, Sondra
SKDRAGOUN@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Marla Dugger
Dugger, Marla
mddugger@enidk12.orgEmerson Middle School
Paul Duncan Duncan, Paul
pfduncan@enidk12.orgEnid High School View Website
Paul Duncan
Duncan, Paul
Boys Basketball Head Coach
pfduncan@enidk12.orgEnid Athletics
Tammy Duncan
Duncan, Tammy
Library Media Specialist
tmduncan@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School View Website
Danny Dunn Dunn, Danny
Bus Driver
dbdunn@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Alexandrea Dutcher Dutcher, Alexandrea
Teacher's Assistant
andutcher@enidk12.orgMonroe Elementary School
Deborah Dyche
Dyche, Deborah
DKDYCHE@enidk12.orgMcKinley Elementary School View Website
Kacie Earl
Earl, Kacie
klearl@enidk12.orgPrairie View Elementary School View Website
Carolyn Earley Earley, Carolyn
Food Preparation
ckearley@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Karry Easterly, RN Easterly, RN, Karry
School Nurse
kleasterly@enidk12.orgEnid Public School
Amy Ebel
Ebel, Amy
Kindergarten Teacher
ajebel@enidk12.orgGlenwood Elementary School View Website
David Eck Eck, David
Bus Driver
dheck@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Eldon Eck Eck, Eldon
Bus Driver
ereck@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Eugene Eck Eck, Eugene
Bus Driver
ekeck@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
LaVon Eck Eck, LaVon
Bus Monitor
ldeck@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
Galin Edmonds Edmonds, Galin
Physical Therapist Assistant
gdedmonds@enidk12.orgEnid Public School View Website
LaMesha Edmondson Edmondson, LaMesha
Teacher's Assistant
Longfellow Middle School
Paula Edmunds Edmunds, Paula
pmedmunds@enidk12.orgAdams Elementary School
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