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High School Plan

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High school students will be able to use their district-issued Chromebooks and Wi-Fi hotspots to continue instruction using Google Classroom. Students are familiar with the program; however, they will soon receive information from their teachers through their school emails about how to proceed. A weekly school newsletter will include new assignments, which will also be posted on the school’s website and social media sites. Teachers will grade the students’ work; however, it will be a “no-fault” grading policy. This means an assignment grade will only be recorded if it increased the student’s average in the class. Mostly, the work will be used to learn new concepts and to reinforce those that have already been introduced. Teachers will be in regular contact with students to provide them with support and guidance. Additionally, school principals will be available two hours per day to visit with parents and students about their concerns via video chat.

Lincoln students will have the opportunity to continue to work on the online courses they started during the spring semester. Any blended-learning classes with teacher-taught concepts have been converted to an online format using our learning management system. Any student wanting to start an additional credit recovery class online may do so. 

Watch a message from the high school principals:

video Mr. Darrow from Dudley  

video Mr. Parker from Lincoln Academy