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Technology Access


Because of the generosity of our community and a grant from T-Mobile, EPS is uniquely positioned to take on the task of distance learning. All students have 1:1 devices, and all secondary students have free mobile Wi-Fi hotspots. We know, however, that technology-related gaps still remain in our district. Currently, elementary devices are in school classrooms, rather than at home with students. We are exploring ways that we can safely distribute these devices to students who need them. To limit exposure to you and to our staff, if your child already has access to a device they can use for online instruction, please let them use that device instead of requesting one from the school. If you have an elementary student and would like to pick up a Chromebook for your family, we ask that you please complete this form by April 3. It will also allow you to indicate if you need assistance with internet access at home.


👉 Complete this form if you would like to pick up your elementary student’s device.