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2018-19 Teachers of the Year


Angela Shepard

Carver Early Childhood Center, NWOSU – Pre-K Teacher

Years in Education: 13                     Years with EPS: 2

I would have to say that the thing that I enjoy most about teaching is my students excitement for learning.  When they come into the classroom in the morning, the first thing they ask me is, "What are we going to do today?"  Many of my students have never been to any type of school setting and most everything is something new for them.  Seeing their excitement for learning with everything we do, from a simple read aloud to centers, makes me so proud to be a teacher.










Misty Owings

Adams Elementary – 2nd & 3rd Grade Special Education Teacher

Years in Education: 7                         Years with EPS: 7

I love to see students come into school excited about learning each morning. This isn’t always the case at the beginning of the year. As each school year progresses, their attitudes tend to change. They know that our staff will do whatever it takes to find a way for them to be successful, not just academically but socially and emotionally. Their confidence and desire to learn shows in the way they carry themselves, behave, and perform. They become better lifelong learners and ultimately better citizens. Teaching truly changes the world one student at a time.










Kendra Smith

Coolidge Elementary – 1st Grade Teacher

Years in Education: 21                     Years with EPS: 2

All children can learn and be successful. It may not be at the same pace or the same way, but it can happen!












Jamie Smith

Eisenhower Elementary – Kindergarten Teacher

Years in Education: 14                     Years with EPS: 8

What I enjoy most about teaching are each of the individual students.  Each one is so unique.  I enjoy making sure that the students are learning in the best way for them.  Watching them learn concepts that they think are difficult, but soon find out they can accomplish.








Jennie Scott

Garfield Elementary – 4th Grade Teacher

Years in Education: 17                     Years with EPS: 4

Children are amazing.  Even children who face terrible odds and difficult cirmcumstances come to school willing to learn new things and trust their teachers.  I love seeing children smile when a hard skill finally makes sense. I love watching a child develop coping skills or learning to be a better friend.  I love the children.







ashleyAshley Kapoor Hunnicutt

Glenwood Elementary – Music Teacher

Years in Education: 3                       Years with EPS: 3

My passion for teaching is a direct product of every educator that cared to educate me as a student or a teacher myself, and I hope that I can continue to grow and inspire others around me.









Elizabeth Kinnard

Hayes Elementary – Kindergarten Teacher

Years in Education: 3                       Years with EPS: 3

My message to my fellow educators and to the community would be to keep in mind why we do what we do. We are not doctors, engineers, lawyers, or astronauts; however, those faces that stare back at us every day could be if given the right guidance and support.








Ashley Currier

Hoover Elementary – 3rd Grade Teacher

Years in Education: 20                     Years with EPS: 20

There is a saying that says “Kids don’t care how much you know, until they know that you care.” I believe this is true. They need to know that you want to invest in them and in their future. Being a part of their growth and seeing how far they come is an amazing part of teaching. It makes all of the hard work worth it.  Just remember--The future is in your classroom and I believe the future looks bright.    












Lori Cantrell

McKinley Elementary – LD Lab Teacher

Years in Education: 8                       Years with EPS: 8

I learn something new everyday working with my students.  I enjoy the lightbulb moment, when I have been working with a student and it finally clicks for them.  Moments like these are priceless.  













Pamela Seigel

Monroe Elementary – Library Media Specialist

Years in Education: 18                     Years with EPS: 5

I love that being a librarian means that I get to develop a relationship with each student in my school.  The relationship between a student and a teacher plays a large role in a child's academic success and social development.  When you establish a positive relationship with your students they feel comfortable and safe in your classroom.  The relationships I form with my students are what I enjoy most about teaching. 








Dena McEachern

Prairie View Elementary – Special Education Teacher

Years in Education: 27                     Years with EPS: 21

I love that teaching is the best representation of my authentic goofy self. School is my happy place. I think my students know that I love being a teacher and want them to enjoy learning.













Paige Klemme

Taft Elementary – PE Teacher

Years in Education: 8                       Years in EPS: 8

Being a Physcial Education Teacher, I have every child in the school which allows me to build those special relationships with every one of my students. Another part of my day that I really enjoy is having morning duty and being able to greet and talk to the children first thing in the morning.
















Amy Allen

Emerson Middle School – 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher

Years in Education: 16                     Years with EPS: 6

I believe that all students have potential; they just need the guidance to help them find the passion to achieve it.









brendaBrenda Garcia

Longfellow Middle School – ELL/Spanish Teacher

Years in Education: 5                       Years with EPS: 5

I believe in the importance of building parent-teacher relationships and promoting family involvement in education. 












Katy Baker


Waller Middle School – Social Studies/History Teacher

Years in Education: 6                       Years with EPS: 6


I love teaching my students about the world they live in, from a point of view outside of Enid Oklahoma. I have always told them "It is not my job to teach you what to think, but to teach how to think". It is so important to me that my students learn how to make decisions and develop their own opinions about our world.

















Denise Lavoie

Enid High School – Special Education Teacher

Year in Education: 12                      Years with EPS: 11

I work with students with varying levels of Autism.  Some of my students struggle academically, and some of my students have fallen in the savant category.  But they all have strengths that can be developed and celebrated.














David Powell

Lincoln Academy – Math Teacher

Year in Education: 31                      Years with EPS: 2

Every student has the ability to learn, but not all students learn the same way.  Show them that you care about them, praise them as much as possible when they are right and they will strive to suceed even more in what they do.  Be open-minded and willing to learn from others.