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Solar Eclipse Safety

Solar Eclipse
Monday’s celestial event can be an exciting learning opportunity for our students. It is important, however, that we take extra precautions to protect their eyesight, as well as our own. Below please find many resources that teachers can use, with permission from the principal, to ensure students have a positive experience and walk away “wowed” by this rare scientific event. Please note that schools are required to notify parents in advance if they plan to experience the eclipse outdoors, offering an opt-out activity for those who request it. Additionally, students will not go outside for lunch or recess during the eclipse without protective gear. The district is providing resources below that teachers can use to stream the event indoors on classroom SMARTBoards.
NASA’s Planning Your Eclipse Party, including hands-on activities
NASA’s Safety Tips 

Make a Pinhole Camera for Viewing  
(**not for direct viewing**)
Make a 2D/3D Pinhole Projector for Viewing  
(**not for direct viewing**)
Live Stream the Eclipse from Your Classroom
How to view Eclipse Safely
Enid High School Video about Solar Eclipse Safety & Planning
 “How to Make a Solar Eclipse Viewer” from the Boy Scouts
**This tool is not for viewing the eclipse directly**