Frequently Asked Questions for Current Employees
Support & Certified: How do I submit an internal transfer?

The internal transfer process is now online. Please visit Click on "Internal" on the top-right. Create a new account (or log into your old one) and apply for the position of your choice. Please contact the HR Department if you need additional information.

Certified: What should I know about the Intent to Return letter that the district sends out each February?

Here are the answers to several frequently asked questions on this topic.

Question:      I know I will be resigning at the end of the year, but I don’t want to lose my remaining benefits.  What can I do?

Answer:        Date your resignation effective the last working day of your contract year.  Your health insurance benefits continue through your contracted pay period ending August 31.

Question:      I’m fairly certain I’m moving away, but don’t want to resign until I have another position.  What do I do?

Answer:       Respond that your plans are uncertain at this time, but explain that you are currently seeking employment elsewhere.  Please give your principal as much information as possible.

Question:     Won’t my principal be angry if he/she knows I am exploring other employment opportunities?

Answer:       We always want to keep our excellent employees; however, we expect employees may move and seek growth opportunities. Your principal will appreciate knowing in advance about your job search.

Question:      I lack part of a year’s credit to be eligible for retirement.  Do I have to work the entire school year before I retire?

Answer:        Not necessarily. As long as your partial year occurred before 2013-14, it may be combined with unused sick leave for a year of credit. Contact the Business Department to discuss possible options.  Each case is unique and must be individually considered.

Question:      I definitely will not return next fall, but I do not intend to resign until I have a firm offer of another job, no matter how late it is.  What can happen?

Answer:        Enid Public Schools tries to accommodate resignations by certified staff whenever possible. Oklahoma law, however, only requires school districts to accept a resignation if the request is made by mid-June – the 15th day after the first Monday in June, to be exact.